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"How are you?" Three simple words, a world of emotional responses.

We are emotional creatures. We respond and react to events in our life that fuel our behavior and color our perception. The event itself has no meaning but the meaning we give it. Every event which results in an emotional reaction also leads to a physical one.

Our Physiology

Physiologically, our bodies secrete neuropeptides every time we feel something. When we feel happy, then our cells are happy. But when we feel stressed, or upset, or angry, then our cells also feel the same way. Dr. Candace Pert, world-renowned researcher, described this messenger system in her book "Molecules of Emotion".

Neuroemotional Technique

Here at the Malek Clinic for Natural Healing we offer NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) to help your body get the full benefit of the positive changes you are making. Dr. Malek has been utilizing NET in her practice since the early 1990's. She credits the work with helping her patients overcome their greatest health challenges. With NET, Dr. Malek can address the mind body connection and help create lasting positive change.

Can Dr. Nadia Malek Help You?

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