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Shake, rattle and roll should be a song, not a symptom.

The Nervous System

The human body is an electrical powerhouse containing trillions of cells that are supplied by hundreds of miles of nerves. In fact there are 1300 nerve cells in one square inch of skin. Every cell depends on the nervous system to function properly.

The Spine

When the spine loses its structural integrity, it starts to move and deform in ways that lead to nerve irritation. When any part of the nervous system is harmfully affected, the brain starts sending alarm signals to the body. The resulting dysfunction in the body can range from leg pain, neck pain, and indigestion to any number of problems..

Benefit Of Treatment

We utilize gentle structural and chiropractic techniques, such as quintessential applications and applied kinesiology, to restore the normal balance of the spine and other joints in the body. A healthy nervous system contributes to a healthy body, and a happy person.


What About Sciatica

What about sciatica you ask? Well not all back and leg pain is sciatica. The sciatic nerve is a conglomerate of smaller nerves which exit out from between the Lumbar (low back) and sacral vertebrae and come together in the buttocks, on each side, to form the right or left sciatic nerve. Sciatic pain can radiate anywhere from the buttock down the back (not the front) of the thigh and around the outer part of the knee ending on top of the foot. In some instances, there is no back pain associated with sciatic pain, however, if you feel pain the front of the thigh then you are most likely dealing with a different segment of the spine.

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