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Empower Yourself to Live Healthier

Written By Malek Clinic for Natural Healing on August 20, 2015

Hi everyone.  You know, while giving thanks for all the things in my life this past week, I was thinking about my work.  When I walk in with a new patient who has been suffering with bad health for a long time, I know that they are wanting results yesterday, a trait I have to admit I also share :), and I understand their frustration, because I'd like nothing better than to get instant results as well.  Well, I have good news and bad news.  The unfortunate reality is that there is no quick fix, but here is the good news you can restore yourself over time with a lot of patience and persistence.  We have amazing bodies with a vast capacity to heal but it takes changing habits over time to achieve the optimal results.  I am telling you this from experience, in my over 30 years in practice, I have seen miracles happen when patients have been single mindedly committed to their health and wellbeing and have followed through even when the going got tough and I've seen heartbreaking failures when patients have given up too soon or refused to make the changes necessary for their restoration.  There is an old saying, “all good things come to those who wait”  I never see that more clearly than in the work that I do,  there is no greater joy for me than to hear a patient say “Thank You, you saved my life” or “Thank You I feel so much better” and there is no greater sadness than to lose someone because they failed to put themselves first.  Now is the time to examine your life and ask yourself do you matter enough to put yourself first?  Just like the safety talk on a plane before it takes flight, you can't be anything to those around you if you are incapacitated.  That's why the mask goes on you first before you help someone else.  So take a look at your life, does the mask go on you first?  Are you dedicated to getting yourself squarely on the path to a healthier, happier you?  If not then you might want to start changing some of your negative habits and build some empowering positive behaviors that will lift you up and propel you on the journey to a more vibrant you.  Go ahead you're worth it! Stay Healthy!

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